Here at Rich Global Hemp, we understand that quality genetics is the single most important element in determining success in the hemp industry. With vast experience in directive breeding, we have been able to effectively control compounds to refine our genetics. We produce diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles that ensure compliance and product relevancy.


Every cultivar offered at Rich Global Hemp has been field tested for over four years, by both our facility and partner farms to ensure genetic success. Procurement of our stains and processes allows Rich Global Hemp to offer our seeds, seedlings and clones with confidence.


We have just begun to unlock the potential of what the cannabis plant has to offer. Understanding the science of the compounds in this plant and how they work together is proving incredibly important. At Rich Global Hemp we believe that this industry is just breaking the surface of what is possible. We will continue to be good stewards of the industry, navigating the incredible runway of opportunities ahead of us all.


“Hemp may not save the earth, but it is the only plant that can!”
-Jack Herer-

Fully matured feminized seeds.

Thriving mother stock.

Cutting clones for farming season.