The Montana is a cross between a Sativa and Ruderalis with a symmetrical growth pattern. It has a “Sour Diesel” type terpene profile providing a strong yet pleasant aroma. The Montana is highly frost resistant, continuing to develop after the first soft freeze of the season. This sativa dominant plant is ideal for growing in warmer climates with a long growing season.

Average CBD-A: 10.5%  – 11.5%
THC: < 0.3% *
Ratio CBD/THC: 36:1
Maturity Week: 9 weeks
Average Dry Yield: 2.5 lbs

Clone Bulk Pricing:
250 - 5,000 Rooted Clones  $2.50 ea
5,001 - 25,000 Rooted Clones $2.45 ea
25,001 - 100,000 Rooted Clones $2.35 ea
100,001 - 500,000 Rooted Clones $2.25 ea
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 * Cannabinoid profiles can vary based on a number of factors such as (but not limited to) environment, farming techniques, and harvest date.

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